The Results Of ‘The Big Toon Survey – Survey’ Are In!


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A few days back I sent out a survey for a minority of fans who took part in the Chronicles ‘Big Toon Survey’ to determine how they felt about the survey and its findings. I was also finding out how they felt about the article Lee Ryder wrote regarding the ‘Big Toon Survey’ results and his take on the findings. Which you can see in my previous article.

Well I am glad to say the results are in and I would like to thank every fan who took the time to fill in my survey. Especially as you may have been sceptical of what my agenda was or even who the hell I am. Your input is very much appreciated.

So here are all the questions, results and also the expanded answers that some fans expressed:

Q1: Did you take the Evening Chronicles Big Toon Survey?

Results: Yes 100% – obviously. As the survey was taken by fans who had taken the original Chronicle survey only.

Q2: Please fill in the name you used to answer the The Chronicle Survey for matching purposes.

Results: 77% of fans gave their name. Many thanks.

Q3: Do you feel like your answers to the Evening Chronicles Big Toon Survey have been misrepresented?

Results: Yes 56%, No 31%, Undefined 13%.

Expanded answers:

“No, the survey results were printed and there to see. Lee simply put his own positive spin on results.”
“Mr. Ryder misused our response regarding our views on Alan Pardew. I’m contend for now but doesn’t mean i support him.”
“Wonder what happened to the individual questions to Ashley, Pardew etc?”
“I want to give pardew some more time, just because of the rollercoaster that nufc has been since SBR got sacked. Do I trust Pardews formation, tactics and teamselection? Not one bit, I find it incredible that we panic in possesion and can hardley put two passes together.”
“I for one was not endorsing Alan Pardew and judging by a number of NUFC forums neither are a lot of other fans.”
“Ryder has manipulated the results to suit himself and has not gave a true representations of the facts. i.e. 95% of fans back Pardew – this is is factually incorrect as it should really say ‘95% of fans said they do not want Pardew sacked’ as 5% did say a change was needed. The remaining 95% was a mix of ‘happy for moment’, ‘not happy’ etc – but not the unequivocal support Ryder mentions.”
“Every answer given was twisted and spun into a positive article backing Alan Pardew. Some questions were presented as 4-5 options and no expansion was asked for as to why I would chose that particular answer. Then to proceed to say that I backed Pardew is laughable. Lee Ryder should offer complete impartiality as a journalist. He should not side with the fans nor the heirachy yet we know which camp he can be found in.”
“The questions were loaded in such a way that the answers could have been interpreted in a number ways. It was very difficult to say anything negative”
“I feel the questions themselves carried some ambiguity, so when for example he asked for how we felt about Pardew, some of us checked the same answer but meant different things by it.”
“They can’t have been misrepresented if it is a survey – i’m a mere statistic in a pie chart of differing opinion.”
“Like lots of things to do with the club this has been presented with an unbelievable pro Pardew spin.”
“They twisted my answers to make themselves look better.”
“Loaded questions so we can not undermine any answer”
“Ryder in in Ashley’s packet and so biased and unwilling to represent the real wishes and thoughts of NUFC’s customers.”
“I agree with your blog.”

Q4: Do you feel like your opinion has been compromised by Lee Ryder’s article?

Results: Yes 62%, No 28%, Undefined 10%.

Expanded answers:

“It seems as though the people that don’t back Pardew are kicking up the biggest fuss, instead of just accepting that they are in the minority.”
“Ryder has a habit of creating headlines which he thinks will appeal to the masses and tries to influence public opinion. His articles are generally pandering to the club and Pardew and rarely reflect an objective opinion on the real state of affairs.”
“The article was a wolf in sheeps clothing. We were asked to identify aas to where the season was going wrong, the results were released and it turned into a pro Pardew statement on behalf of 95% of NUFC fans. Not once was I asked if I backed Pardew, so if I wasnt neither was the magical 95%. This was purley 1 persons perception of the results, and this one person is pro Pardew and so tried to manipulate the voices of the fans.”
“If I ever pay any actual attention to what Lee Ryder “writes” then I know I am in trouble. I’d have been more surprised if he could have actually expressed my, or anyone else’s, opinion is coherent written English.”
“At no point did I see a question rating Alan Pardew’s popularity.”
“My account of the survey is more fan feedback for the Chronicle – it helps them engage with their readers in the tone they think they’ll relate to. It’s not for fan purposes to be told what we know we think. The article was just based on where the fans were getting frustrations (booing) from.”
“Every thing Ryder writes compromises opinions and the English Language.”
“It’s obvious that his little perks from Newcastle depend on him writing what he is told.”
“As above”

Q5: Do you back Alan Pardew?

Results: Yes 54%, No 38%, Undefined 8%

Expanded answers:

“Its a straight lie, it’s not 95% its about 66.6%.”
“In the survey I voted that I backed Pardew, but was waiting for results. Obviously if the poor results continue and there is a definite chance of relegation then I may change my mind. But I still back him, so would agree that my opinion was classed as one of the 95% that currently back Pardew.”
“Want to see stability and growth at the club; but he seems content to go along with Ashley, Llambias.”
“Look at Q3, I’ll back him for now. But he better beat qpr or it’s time to go. I would love someone like Jol or Martinez, a manager who actually would like us to pass the ball.”
“I don’t completely back Pardew as I feel he is a puppet of the Ashley regime and he just spouts the party line to the media every day. I am tired of the excuses and incompetent management which has led to this situation. I don’t want him sacked right now as stability is vital. However if the worst happens in May I want him gone (along with Ashley and co).”
“But that doesn’t say a great deal- I support NUFC so I therefore back the manager, whether it is someone I despise (Allardyce, Souness) or someone I really like (Sir Bobby) Pardew comes somewhere in the middle, but I “back” him, whatever that actually means…”
“I don’t think this is the right time for a change of Manager, but I a not sure if he is the man to take us forward in the long term, but then again who is?”
“With the correct expansion of the squad I feel he is more than capable of allowing us to flourish in both European and Domestic Cup competitions and The League.”
“Yes, and after the work he’s done, I’m amazed you challenge the 95% statistic. Anything lower than that and I’d be dismayed to realise there’s a larger than 5% chunk who love the Freddy Shepherd days of reckless spending and chopping managers whenever it goes bad.”
“He was lucky last season and has now reverted to type. /His time is up. He has lost respect of the fans. And any sort of trouble I.e injuries and his inexperience shows.”
“I feel sorry for the man , his hands are tide ! but that is the way MA works! I want him to speak direct to us the fans.”
“Pardew got Newcastle to 5th and although it may be a fluke, I think we should give him more time.”
“But don’t necessarily seem him as the person to take us to the next level.”
“I dont back him but I dont want him sacked.”

Q6: Do you feel like Alan Pardew is the man to take Newcastle to the next level?

Results: Yes 26%, No 51%, Undefined 23%.

Expanded answers: 

“What is the next level for Newcastle? Alan Pardew helped us qualify for Europe and formed a side that could compete with any team on any given day. In my opinion, the next level could only be achieved by the level of investment that Man City and Chelsea have seen.”
“There is no next level. The current ownership has no ambition, everything is numbers in a spreadsheet.”
“Only if Ashley invests in new players and supports Pardew (and Carr).”
“If he can’t make a team with Ba, Ben Arfa, Cabaye, Colo, Santon and Tiote controll a game then what does he want?? Xavi, Iniesta?? Not one game this season have we controlled the action. Even at stjp we get put under pressure from the first minute!”
“No change of style or improvement despite a shocking start to the season.”
“I think he should be given until the end of the season as sacking him at Christmas would be suicide. He did well last season and should be given a chance to recruit a couple of players in January and try to salvage a mid table finish. If we end up relegated or escape by a whisker then he should be removed as it is his responsibility for the performance over the whole season – no excuses.”
“He’s probably got as much chance as anyone we could reasonably hope to attract as manager- that is too say very little chance without huge investment. Such is the wonderful world of the English Premier League in 2012.”
“As above.”
“Not a serious question, is this? He already has. What, when 3 years ago we were playing Scunthorpe did anyone really believe we’d break that tight knit group, and smash the glass ceiling to the champions league? 5th place is best of the rest without thinking we’re so big we can splash £35mill on an unproven player…”
“Alan is just a yes man, maybe we need a chairman that is willing to bring in quality players?”
“We have great players who will not progress under a championship manager.”
“As above.”
“Not sure”

Q7: Do you agree with Lee Ryder’s articles conclusion?

Results: Yes 10%, No 69%, Undefined 21%.

Expanded answers: 

“To be honest, I don’t think it matters whether I agreed of disagreed with his conclusion. The article was written by Lee so was obviously based on his opinions from what he saw in the survey results.”
“All Nufc articles by Ryder(and the Chron) keep away from any sort of criticism of Ashley and Llambias.”
“I rarely agree with anything Ryder writes.”
“I rarely agree with that man.”
“Definitely not representative and there is no way AP has a 95% support rating.”
“I don’t care for every journalist, or even every point a favourite journalist makes, it’s a matter of opinion and he can use statistics however he’d like – I.E. Simpson is the Premier League’s best full back…”
“He writes what he is told by certain NUFC people.”
“Loaded questions to get diluted answers.”
“See above.”
“Didn’t read that part.”

Q8: Do you wish you had never entered the Evening Chronicles Big Toon Survey?

Results: Yes 41%, No 46%, Undefined 13%

Expanded answers:

“Personally I think there has been an over reaction, it’s just a survey. The results weren’t fixed. People complained about the questions asked, but if they had a problem with it why did they take part?”
“Apart from Lee Ryder’s spin on ‘the next level’ the survey was ok.”
“Think we are all aware by now that the chron will not challenge Ashley and Llambias; they cannot even get an interview with them unless it is in their interests for more Spin.”
“It makes no difference – Ryder would have come to the same conclusions anyway.”
“I a do not regret it as I like the opportunity to have my say, I do disagree with the results though.”
“Mainly because it spread my email address so far and wide, I’m not a huge fan of people I don’t know being able to contact me.”
“Yes because of blogs like yours always having to complain about the most inane points.”
“Lee may have been told to bend the truth a bit by the looks of it.”
“Why enter when your opinion counts for nothing”
“As above”
“It was pointless other than giving ryder fodder to manipulate.”
“The state of the team is more of a concern right now.”

Q9: Do you want an apology from The Evening Chronicle and Lee Ryder?

Results: Yes 38%, No 49%, Undefined 13%.

Expanded answers: 

“What would he be apologising for? Putting a positive spin on a survey? I think he did the right thing, negativity in the press isn’t going to help the team on the pitch.”
“Perhaps our feedback will encourage Mr.Ryder to think twice next time.”
“Can’t believe Ryder did the actual collation.”
“It would be nice to see them eat some humble pie but I don’t think it will happen.”
“Why would I want or need one? They have merely shown their usual level of incompetence.”
“Not bothered either way, I am used to the Chronicle spinning stories and being the mouthpiece for the Mike Ashley regime.”
“For the aforementioned gaff regarding the email addresses and the fact that some fans felt their opinions were misconstrued, yes.”
“But if I did, I’d feel a bit emotionally challenged.”
“I did email him and got reply saying its his opinion and interpretation of poll.”

Q10: Will you be entering The Evening Chronicles next survey?

Results: Yes 41%, No 38%, Undefined 21%.

Expanded results: 

“To be honest though, judging by some of the posts on the chronicles website I’m not sure if the people who are taking part in the surveys for the chronicle are the best demographic to represent the general opinions of our supporters. They seem to be very negative and almost take pleasure in the fact that we’ve stumbled this season. Which is in contrast to what I would say the majority of supporters who go to games actually think.”
“My first and last time for any surveys.”
“No idea.”
“I will look at the way the questions are worded carefully next time.”
“Probably, but a little more clarity in the questions and a little less of a pa lava with the contacting people who have partook.”
“It’s pointless if the facts are not stated.”
“Never in a million years.”
“Not unless Ryder is replaced with someone who is not Ashley’s mouthpiece.”

So there we have it!

As you can see some of the results are unrecognisable to what the article following the survey suggested. The ‘95% story’ Ryder wrote has really hit a nerve with a number of fans and are not happy about it at all. What I will also repeat is that my survey involves a minority of the people who filled in the Chronicle’s survey, as for me to get anywhere near the amount of entrants they did just isn’t possible. Many thanks for the expansion of answers from some fans also, they’re always interesting to read.

This process of mine is not a witch hunt against the Chronicle or their survey in the first instance, as they clearly show the results for the world to see. The only criticism I have and many others have of it is that some of the questions/answers were ‘loaded’ and asked questions that could easily be manipulated one way or the other, to suit which ever side you sit on. But to be honest, that is a side issue as far as I am concerned. It’s how the fans’ answers were then manipulated that is the real issue here.

I have written a full and proper article on this whole matter which you can read here I also am expecting to hear from The Chronicle themselves, I have been informed from the editor, within the next day or two on this matter as I gave them a chance to have their say. I’m all about fairness. 

I have also kept the survey open for anybody who wishes to take part after reading this or the ‘’ article on the matter. All answers count as much as the last and any significant update will be released in due time. You can find it here The Big Toon Survey – Survey

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Were NUFC Fans Answers Misrepresented By Chronicles Big Toon Survey?

Did you fill in the Evening Chronicles Big Toon Survey? Have you seen the results? Have you seen the story that followed the results of the survey? What do you think?

If like me you filled in the Big Toon Survey in our favourite local paper than I am sure you would have received an email telling you when and where you could find the results last week. You also probably received a slightly embarrassing email on a later date telling you to delete it as well…whoops.

If you then checked out the results of the survey you would have seen how your answers (if you could remember) stacked up with everyone else’s answers in a nice lovely pie chart fashion. That’s usually how these surveys work, pretty standard stuff. However, what you may or may not have also seen was the follow up story to the survey via local hack Lee Ryder in which his story declared the following:

Alan Pardew backed by 95% of fans Chronicle Poll reveals

ALAN PARDEW has been given an overwhelming show of support by Newcastle United fans in the Chronicle’s Big Toon Survey – and the main message from the stands is: “We’re right behind you, Pards.”

Thousands of United supporters gave us their opinions on the current situation at St James’ Park.

And it has emerged that 95% of fans see Pardew as the man to lead Newcastle to the next level – with a tiny minority seeing the need for a change in management.

I’d like to stop it right there if I may. If you would like to read more you can here:

Now I for one who filled in this survey with good faith and with the mentality that my voice and opinion about the club will at least be heard on some level, was a little bit shocked and taken back about what this story was saying and suggesting. For a start nobody asked me whether I backed Alan Pardew at any stage during the survey and they certainly didn’t ask me whether I thought ‘he was the man to lead Newcastle to the next level’.

The only question I was asked about Alan Pardew was ‘if I was happy with him’. There were 5 options to choose for this being a) very happy b) content c) content but wanting results to change d) unhappy or e) time for a change. I then gave my answer like the rest of you. Under no circumstances was I under the impression that my answer would be taken in any other way then to show if I was ‘happy with Alan Pardew’. Thats it. That was the question and I gave my answer.

So you can imagine my shock as when I read this story claiming that 95% of fans who entered the survey ‘back’ Alan Pardew, that I am ‘right behind Alan Pardew’ and I think he is ‘the man to take us to the next level’ when nothing can be further from the truth. But what I actually think isn’t even the issue. The issue is taking fans’ answers to a question about happiness and then spinning it into a story about ‘backing’, ‘getting right behind’ and ‘believing’ in what Alan Pardew is capable of doing. Nobody asked me that. Did they ask you?

So moving on from this I would like to invite the fans who entered this survey to enter one more survey and answer a few questions of my own. Which I will then personally deliver the results to Lee Ryder and the Evening Chronicle myself. They are very straight forward and are a direct representation of the ‘results’ found in the Chronicles article. They are not designed to simply ‘disprove’ the surveys results and to score points. If you agree with any of the questions then please answer Yes. All I ask of you is that you give your honest opinion and I promise, I will not spin them into a story you were not expecting in any way. Pro or con. Just exactly what they are. The way it should be.

All that is required is a Yes or No or Undefined answer. You can expand on your answer as much or as little as you like. It’s your opinion. You will find the survey here:

Or alternatively you could copy and paste the following questions into the comments section and leave your Yes, No or Undefined answer next to each one, that would be perfect. Good luck. There is no time limit…

Question 1: Do you feel like your answers to the Evening Chronicles Big Toon Survey have been misrepresented?

Question 2: Do you feel like your opinion has been compromised by Lee Ryder’s article?

Question 3: Do you back Alan Pardew?

Question 4: Do you feel like Alan Pardew is the man to take Newcastle to the next level?

Question 5: Do you agree with Lee Ryder’s articles conclusion?

Question 6: Do you wish you had never entered the Evening Chronicles Big Toon Survey?

Question 7: Do you want an apology from The Evening Chronicle and Lee Ryder?

Question 8: Will you be entering The Evening Chronicles next survey?

Signing into the site to comment is very easy and couldn’t be more straight forward, so once you have put all of your Yes/No/Undefined answers to the above questions into the comments section, I will forward the findings onto The Evening Chronicle and Lee Ryder. If the name you used to fill in the Chronicle survey is different to your log in name here, then please leave it next to your comment. Matching the two and showing the fact you did indeed fill in the Chronicle survey is important, as I am sure you will have guessed.

Thank you very much for your time.

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Welcome To Benny In The Hole!


Welcome to Benny In The Hole!

This NUFC Blog is the younger, more attractive ‘sister blog’ to Offering a slightly different outlook on the crazy, never boring, rollercoaster world of Newcastle United Football Club.

Where ToonBano Blog brings you mainly ‘epic’ articles delving deep into the underbelly on what is happening in the world of our beloved club, this site will aim to be a little bit different. Not exactly sure what at this moment in time…but it will become apparent as time goes on.

In the meantime I am going to start designing this thing and will be uploading articles sometime very soon. Also make sure you check out for the latest in depth articles on NUFC.